I’m no stranger to being repotted! Throughout my whole life, I can honestly say I've never lived in one apartment or house long enough to call it home. This concept was the foundation of my first EP, "Something Familial," and it continues to be a musical theme in my compositions. Our recent move back to Stumptown last week was filled with potholes, metaphorically speaking, but we made it! Albeit, without everything we own, sleeping on a blow-up mattress, and working from a small fold-out table in the middle of a desolate kitchen for who knows how long. That said, we're working really hard to re-establish ourselves here in the great Northwest!
   I already have a few shows lined up, and, fingers crossed, I'll continue the musical trajectory I was on in lovely El Paso. The Portland scene is dense with talented musicians, so finding my place as a singer-songwriter is proving to be a full-time job. 
Patience, Jason!!! 
    I consider myself lucky to have returned to this enchanted region with performances in the books. I tried something new in El Paso, and that endeavor has not completely blossomed. The nutrient-rich soil is there thanks to all the magical musicians and business owners of the Southwest, who were so willing to assist me and give me the tools. I actually saw quantifiable growth because of the El Paso experience, and I'm looking forward to making a push where it all began. 
Pacific Northwesterners, please join me at any or all of the shows below!

APRIL 6th- BRIX Tavern (Tualatin Oregon) 7pm-10pm

APRIL 13th- BRIX Tavern (Keizer Oregon) 7pm-10pm

APRIL 19th BRIX Tavern (The Pearl District) 7pm-10pm


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