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Jason Grant, an accomplished singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant Portland, Oregon music scene, emerges as a dynamic force in Alternative Folk Pop music. Noteworthy for leading his band HEMA to the title of 2011 Portland Band of the Year,  and for being voted top 3 in El Paso's City Magazine's music artists in 2023, Jason brings a unique blend of creativity and adaptability.

His impactful roles in Ill Lucid Onset, Over Alders, and as the frontman of HEMA and Rysenfall underscore not only his musical talents but also his leadership in shaping distinctive sounds. Before returning to Portland,  Jason diversified his musical palette in El Paso, Texas, venturing into cover sets with expertise spanning from Country, and Rock, to hip hop and R&B—all skillfully rendered on his acoustic guitar.

With a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the music landscape, Jason Grant is poised to contribute significantly to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of music. His rich background and leadership experience position him as a valuable asset for any music scene.

Passionate soulful songs with a message :

Jason Grant

Jason Grant

Jason Grant is a collection of seven songs; written and arranged by Jason Grant Henderson; Engineered and mixed by Jason Grant Henderson; and mixed and Mastered by Gabriel Gonzalez. The album, as a whole, tells a story about self-discovery through the lense of a failed relationship.

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Jason Grant music featured on KOIN TV segment.