...May flowers.

One month into our Pacific Northwest journey, and despite the twinge of longing for our El Paso Family, we're already settling in as if we've never left. While our relocation might have come with its fair share of moving mishaps and temporary chaos, the PNW has unquestionably wrapped its arms around us, affirming its place as our new home.

Amidst the whirlwind of unpacking boxes and navigating new surroundings, I've found solace and joy in familiar routines, including securing regular gigs at the esteemed BRIX Tavern franchise and immersing myself in the vibrant songwriter circles of this eclectic city. And with plans underway to commence recording for the much-anticipated sequel to my self-titled album, the creative energy here is palpable.

Stay tuned as I bid a final musical farewell alongside some of my esteemed El Paso brethren, a testament to the enduring bonds forged across state lines. Portland, your warm embrace has reignited my spirit, while El Paso, your invaluable teachings remain etched in my heart.

Here's to new beginnings, endless creativity, and the unwavering support of two beloved communities. Thank you, Portland, and thank you, El Paso – for the lessons, the love, and the memories that will forever shape our journey

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