First full year playing music in El Paso.

2022 was a good year! When we moved to El Paso I approached the music scene fairly cautiously. Dana, on the other hand, was determined to get my CD and name into every venue that played live music, and even some that hadn't thought about providing live music yet. The first venue to give me an opportunity was Zin Valle Vineyards. Ryan, the owner, is a music enthusiast and happened to listen to the 'Something Familia" EP we gave him. I told him I had 3 hours' worth of covers when in reality, since I had really only played originals my whole musical venture, I only knew about 5. He took a chance and before I knew it I had a monthly spot and a brand new friendship that continues to grow. I was also able the famous Rosa's Cantina which was a prerequisite when the idea of moving to El Paso was being kicked around. I was also able to play the Berkley Lounge, Borderland Steakhouse, and a couple of private gigs. I am extremely grateful to the El Paso music scene.  It has been an incredibly smooth transition after moving from an ever-bustling scene in Portland. Yes, 2022 was a good year but, 2023 is going to kick ass. 

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