The Kitchen             March was another really good month. On top of my regular second home (Zin Valle) monthly show,  I also had another show at The Silo Bar, played at a Farmers Market for the first time, which turned into a reoccurring Spring/Summer gig, jammed on some original tunes at The Pizza Joint,  an issue release party gig for The City Magazine, then finished the month off filling in a few songs for my boy Ken Furr. 

             I have to admit, In all my years playing music,  I haven't played a whole lot of private events. This month I had two.  While playing the City magazine's issue release party, a lovely woman stopped me and asked me if I would play a few songs for her 90th birthday party. I was so moved by this that I accepted the invite and immediately decided to write this woman a song as a gift. Clearly, we had just met so all I had to go on was her name, the year she was born, and the brief conversation we had shared. I took that info, gathered my melodic ingredients, and cooked up a catchy little tune within about 5 minutes. 

            When the day of her birthday party came, I was nervous to play it. Honestly,  I had almost decided not to. After I set up my little nest, she grabbed my microphone, gathered everyone's attention, and sang an acapella number for her admirers. When she finished she introduced me and it dawned on me, THIS was the perfect opportunity to sing her present to her. By the end of the song, some of the attendees were singing the hook with me and I had the birthday girl's undivided attention.  It was a “hit” enough that the song was requested one more time before I left. This time, more people were singing along and I even saw some tears. I promised to record this for her and walked away wondering what I could have come up with had the song had more time to bake.  

           The following week I played at Ardovinos Farmer's Market. Again, a beautiful couple with their young daughter requested that I play for their daughter's communion. This time I decided that it would be a disservice to their family if I just threw together a song since I am not a religious man, myself.  However, I did learn “Yes, Jesus loves me” for a cute little sing-along during the party. When I got to their lovely home, we were trying to decide where I should set up. I saw one of those Toddler Kitchen setups in a perfect spot. I found it poetic. I often refer to my songwriting as “The Kitchen”  and I had this overwhelming feeling that I was where I was supposed to be, even if I wasn't “cooking” per se . I had a lovely time and I was inspired by the connection everyone had there. The kitchen was warm and welcoming and they were all so appreciative of what was being served. 


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